The main goal of the organization is to contribute to the development of institutions that
play an important role in the formation of a democratic society, to assist to the civil society
and electoral institutions, to improve local self-governance, to contribute to the socio-
economic and humanitarian development of the country and to provide human rights
and freedom of expression, as well as transparency in all areas, enhancing the role of
youth and women in solving problems, promoting peace and harmony in the peaceful
settlement of conflicts and helping society integrate into a democratic world.

IDI operates in the following directions:
• Assisting in the formulation of democratic institutions;
• Supporting the development of civil society and promoting the participation of citizens;
• Facilitating transparency in management;
• Protecting the rule of law and contributing to the formulation of legislation to serve a legitimate aim on
democratic base;
• Promoting the implementation of liberal reforms;
• Working to ensure human rights and freedoms;
• Aiding to provide freedom of expression in general, including press and media.
• Assisting in conducting free, fair and transparent elections;
• Regularly working with candidates and s voters conducting events to achieve their interaction each
other, to investigate the activities of elected bodies, to research and prepare suggestions:
• Promoting the representation of women and youth in governance:
• Promoting humanism, universal values and peace in the society;
• Supporting the peaceful settlement of conflicts;